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Download Angry Birds Seasons Full Version Free. Angry Birds Seasons (formerly entitled Angry Birds Halloween) may be the second game within the Angry Birds sequence,

The closing monitor for Angry Birds Seasons Free of charge, displaying promotional artwork.

Superjustinbros.Additional by Superjustinbros.

That will be composed of symptoms based about real-world holidays. It absolutely was formerly obtainable on Symbian^3, Android, webOS, five platforms: iOS, and Windows Mobile-phone seven. It’s also only recently been presented for Mac.

and Pc
As Angry Birds Halloween in October 2010

seasons was originally presented. The title was altered in December to Angry Birds Seasons utilizing the Christmas episode. Changes have ongoing since and are discussed under.

On August 23, 2011, the Mighty Eagle was launched for the sport o-n iOS items. Seasons is typically updated on a basis, each and every one upgrade putting a crafted episode stylized by an approaching get-away and frequently two Golden Eggs. (The exceptions: Easter Eggs has eleven Golden Eggs (1-0 in Computer and Mac), Summer season Pignic has Wreck, and 3 the Halls has 3.) Angry Birds Seasons is divided into two offers, Seasons 2011 and Seasons 2012.

Angry Birds is truly a well-known game program created by Rovio Cell of Finland for a number of cellular working plans, and also pcs. I-t targets the tale of a bunch of birds whose eggs are stolen by pigs. They go following the pigs making use of their special abilities and hurt their protection structures. The target of the game is, employing the birds as projectiles, introducing them on the fortresses of the pigs, bringing them down and defeating them.

‘Whole new place and condition in angry birds seasons’

2.4 GHz dual primary processor

1,5GB RAM for Win-dows Vista/7

16 GB of hard drive space (all DLC to-be produced )

256 MB GFX with 4.0 Pixel shader

DirectX 10.1

and 1-0


core2duo 3GHz/AMD X3 2,8

2-4GB DDR2 win-dows vista/7


512 or 896MB GPU


Angry Birds Seasons Screenshot:

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If you’ve download Angry Birds Seasons and find the game enjoyable, please support the developer by buying the original games :)

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