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State of Decay Gameplay and Details

Download State of Decay Free Full Version for PC. If you’re into world-ending, suspense-building zombie games with a great story line, then you need to look no further than a very catchy game out right now as of late: State of Decay. This third person game puts you right in the middle of all the action as you made decisions about where you head. You have to go get your own supplies, and you have to perform rescues and many other daring tasks.

You manage this world in real time, so that means that you are in charge of all of the interaction and the building. Of course the zombies are coming after you in stronger force as the minutes tick away, so you’re going to have to do everything you can to eliminate the threat.

This game is not just available for console gaming but also for PC gaming and is in the arcades! What a great way to explore the zombie universe as you explore those questions you have had about zombies. This game provides you with a complete story line in which you can immerse yourself in the zombie world.

Have you ever wondered what could bring the world as we know it to a complete halt? Have you ever thought about what it would be like in a post-apocalyptic world in which zombies are trying to rule? Would you like to explore options and see what you could do in a situation like this?

There are so many things you can do in this game. You can break in to a police station and get supplies from their arsenal, and you can make your way to the grocery store. Of course, you’re going to have to do this with the mindset that you’re in a zombie world now. Each place you visit and each trip you make is very risky, and you must use the right strategies for it to work.

You are going to be gathering an inventory of supplies that you can use throughout the game. You will build up your inventory not only on your person but at home base. You’re going to be essentially developing a community over time.

There are plenty of screenshots, tutorials and help online available about this game if you get stuck. Oh, and it’s not just cut and dry. Each decision leads you in a different direction. For instance, you get to decide even where you want to set up your safe place. Where you decide to put home base has much to do with your success as you fend off those evil zombies.

You can also watch trailers online for this game. Also, there is a community board for questions and answers as well as an article devoted to the inner workings of the game. So what can you expect from this great game? You can expect nothing more than the most adventurous game on the market, putting you at the helm of a fight against zombies in which every single detail has to do with what you have and are able to complete in the game.

No longer are you left with those zombie games where one of the many aspects just doesn’t match up to a fully-controlled battle against the zombies. You’re at war here, and your survival along with the survival of others depends on every little thing that you do. There is a journey that awaits you in which you cannot deny the impact it has on the zombie gaming industry. You will be engrossed in the quest of a lifetime for sure, so get going.

Video and Screens

System Requirements

For Microsoft Windows: TBA

Release Date

State of Decay will be released in June 5 2013 in multiple platform including Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. You can download Windows version here!

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